18 North Street, Armadale
EH48 3QB
Tel: 01501 730432


Blackridge Health Centre
Fleming Place, Blackridge, EH48 3SS
Tel: 01501 751238

Services Available...

All GP practices are contracted to provide "essential services", that is basic treatment of ill people. We also provide the following "additional services":

Ante-natal Clinic

This is run jointly with the district midwife and doctors. Appointments can be made via your midwife.

Asthma Clinic

This is run by the practice nurse. Appointments can be made at reception.

Bowel Screening

Bowel cancer is Scotland’s third most common cancer, with almost 4,000 people diagnosed every year.

Bowel screening is the most effective way to find bowel cancer early, when it is most treatable.

Everyone in Scotland between 50 and 74 will automatically be sent a bowel cancer home screening test every 2 years. If you are over 75 you can still take a bowel screening test every 2 years if you want to. To get your test kit, ‘phone the Bowel Screening Centre Helpline on 0800 0121 833 (text phone 18001 0800 0121 833).

Making a decision to do the bowel screening test is a personal choice. There are leaflets available in the surgery with lots of useful information; please feel free to come in and ask for one or speak to either the Doctor or Nurse for more information.

Cervical Smears

There are a number of cervical smear clinics during the week. These are carried out by a practice nurse. Please feel free to make an appointment. It is recommended you should have a smear every three to four years. You will be notified if your smear is due.

Child Health Surveillance Clinics

These are held fortnightly on Wednesday mornings by the doctor and the health visitor at the Health Clinic in North Street. Your child will receive a computerised appointment card for six weeks. Should there be any concerns regarding your child's development between the ages of six weeks and starting school then please contact your health visitor.

Children's Immunisation Clinics

Your child will receive a computerised appointment card. A doctor is always available to make sure your child is fit to have an injection.


Confidential advice is available from the doctors together with prescriptions for oral contraception (the pill).

COPD Clinic

This is run by the practice nurse. Appointments can be made at reception.

Diabetic Clinic

This is run by the practice nurses for all non-insulin dependent diabetic patients. Appointments can be made via the practice nurses.

Ear Syringing

Instillation of Olive or Almond Oil – avoid if nut allergy. Please click here (PDF) for more information.

Non-NHS Examinations

Appointments may be made for special examinations. A special appointment will be required and a fee will be charged for this service. Examinations for life insurance companies will be undertaken at the expense of the insurance company concerned.

Patients Over 75 Years

If you are 75 years or over, you may be seen annually by the practice nurse. This can be arranged at the surgery.